Mobile Total Commander: Total Commander Starter (1.3 ) (14.Feb. 2006)

Run the Total Commander from USB-Devices, CD-Rom, LAN (incl. Plugins, Configurations etc.)




TCStarter64.exe (64 Bit)


This Program is not touching any existing TC-File...but, because you never know: Please create an backupf your TC and try it on your own risk!! (tip: Try it with a save copy of your TC in a temp-directory ;-) )


Just copy to into your existing Total-Commander Directory and execute it.

1, At the very first start, the TCStarter.exe is creating copies of your original Ini-files:

wincmd.ini -> wincmd_portable.ini

wcx_ftp.ini -> wcx_ftp_portable.ini.

2. wincmd_portal..ini is getting checked for new invalid entries on every startup (and fixe them with the dynamic path: "%COMMAND_DIR% if possible).

3. Then the Total Commander is called with these Ini-Files (it now works everywere).

What does TCStarter do?

It makes the TC "mobile", working on different drives, in different directories (e.g. Memory-sticks / USB-Devices, CD-Rom, Networks ...).

How does it work?

The TCStarter executes the totalcmd.exe like this:

CurrentDirectory\totalcmd.exe i/=CurrentDirectory\wincmd_portable.ini /f=CurrentDirectory\wcx_ftp_portable.ini

where CurrentDirectory is replaced by the current TC - directory (eg. X:\Totalcmd\, or //myPC/TotalCmd ....whatever ).



Runs with totalcmd.exe and wincmd32.exe.


Remember: when you use the TCstarter.exe , the wincmd_portal.ini - files are used instaed of the original ini's. Changes in the TC will only effekt the portal- files


All the Plugins, Custom - Icons and ButtonBars, should be stored somewere inside the TC-Directory / Subdirectories to work fine with the relative pathes..


You can put theTCLauncher.exe also one Directory above the TC (it searches the direct Subdirs. it it can not find TC in the current Directory)

Example: TC is stored here: C:\Programs\Totalcmd\totalcmd.exe

running the Starter here: C:\Programs\TCStarter.exe would also work.


Commandline Parameter:

- Commandline parameter can be used like with the original totalcmd.exe

/? shows Info & Settings- Dialog

/f= for custom ftp.ini file-

/i= for custom wincmd.ini file-

you can use different Ini by adding it like usaual to the command-Path. Then it will be used instaed:

TCStarter.exe /i="C:\MyLocalPrograms\totalcmd.ini"



To remove the Programe delete the TCLaunch.exe and the two files: wincmd_portable..ini , wcx_ftp_portable.ini

thats all...


1.0 first release

1.1 first bugfix: error in the File-Import : relative directories in the ini now, get fixed every time the TC starts, to make configs changes in the TC valid for relative dirs.

1.3 second bugfix: problem with uppercase-replacement on import fixed.

- possible to create a Desktop-Shortcut on first startup

Next version (1.4): Plugin import & fix, better Userinterface, Buttonbar import.


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