[ KillTasks.exe ]


KillTasks is a small tool (160 kb) to kill all unwanted Tasks in a batch by one click.

KillTasks creates a excludelist of the running (needed) programs and it will kill all further Programs-tasks at once:

Before: After:



  1 Close all Programs and only start these one you need (if so)

  2. Start the KillTasks.exe

  3. KillTasks will ask to create the exclude-list based on the currently running Programs -> Yes

  4. KillTasks asks to create shortcuts on Desktop ->Yes

 - Done: Start some Programs and hit the new KillTasks-Desctop-Shortcut to test it.


Command Parameters:

RUN = Run (Kill tasks)

Y = Disable confirmation Dialog

B = Beep on killing Tasks


Programms will be closed without a chance of saving unsaved contend - like killing the process with the Taskmanager!

Only download and use KillTasks if you know what you are doing!

Use it on your own risk: Download: KillTasks.exe (Windows Xp, Vista, 7,8,10)




by flo 2013