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Switch Windows Hosts - File by Shortcut

Switch between different Windows Host - Configurations like:

Anti-Advertising, Work oder Private Host-Files


This Program is freeware, it will have bugs!

Use is on your own risk!

Switch Hosts.exe 1.0: Download





History / Short Introducion:

Vers. 1.0.:

I developed this small tool because I have to switch between different Hosts - Files on my Windows machine.

I had one Hosts-File with thousands of Add-Block-IPs in it, one with a Work-Config and so on..


So how this thingy wirks:

It mostly just manages multipe copys of your current Windows Hosts-File which is usually located at:: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ETC\Hosts

This Program allows easy switching between different Configs by a Shortcut.

- > You can create Direct Shortcuts with on Click on the Button (See Screenshot).


- > ..or you can do it manually by using the command-line [Name]:

SwitchHosts.Exe Addblock" for activating: Hosts.Addblock

Important: Parameter without "Hosts." for the File: "Hosts.Addblock" add just -> "Addblock")



At the first Start a Hosts.Default Backup will be created - but this program will not store any data in ini or registry,

Is prefer commandline - parameter / Shortcuts ;)


I know you can do all this with a Bat file..but like this its more easy..