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F-Gui 1.2

- Fancy Game User Interface -


Windows-Multi-Emulator- Interface, optimized for Gamepad / Joystick - control.

- free for non-commercial use -




+ Joystick / Gamepad support

+ Auto-mouting CD-Images*

+ Game-title preview

+ works with almost every emulator

+ Special features for WinUAE (smart Disk-insertion)

+ Quit Games via Remote Control*

+ Skin-Support (customizable for each Emulator)

+Scalable GUI + free font size (for TVs)




You can customize / add all kinds of emulators like:



Use of this program is on your own risk!

Download: F-Gui (full) (2.3 MB)


F-Gui (exe-only) (<250 kb)

Skins for emulators


The Emulators are not part of this Program, but they can be downloaded for free.



Atari: 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Atari Lynx, Atari ST

Commodore: Amiga, C64, CDTV + CD32

Nintendo:Gamecube,, Nintendo 64, NES, SNES

Sega: Dreamcast, Sega CD, Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn, X32

Sony: Playstation , Playstation 2

Other: Panasonic 3DO, MAME, Armstard - Schneider CPC, MSX, NEC - PC-Engine (TurboGrafx)





I wrote this program after a nice "old-school-game-night" Party with some friends.

It was a lot of fun to play the old games again, but the Emulators themself sucked. All the time we had to stand up from the

Couch to switch Roms / Disks and change the configuration (specially on WinUAE).

So the beginning task was a Launcher for WinUAE which selects the needed Disks of a game automatically to the virtual drives.

After a few days the program grows and now has a bunch of features as you can add all kinds of Emulators, with a unique Skin for each of them.

I added a Joystick - navigation with 4 Button support for Game select / start, Tab switch, switch Fullscreen / Normal.



My Tip: If you have a Media-Center Remot Control you can use the "Power Off" Button

to shutdown the Games and go back to the FGui interface

The F-Gui is protected againt Alt+F4 (which the remote sends) ... no keyboard needed.. :)


Next party can come.. ;)


Configuration & first steps >>



Version - History:

New in vers 1.05:

Show In-game screenshot / title or flyer (jpg, png ..)

Alt+arrow keys resize window height and width and save last posiition on exit

F-Gui is now a portable application!


New in vers 1.02:

Automount CD-Images on Gamestart (need installed Deamon Tools)

Support for more Emulators

...lots of Bugfixing and GUI-changes


New in vers 0.8a:

New algorithm for multi - disk - selection


New in vers 0.8:

- Alias-Names support (Example for Mame)

Lots of bugfixes and changes..


New in vers 0.6:

- Joystick / Gampad - control

- Emulator Switch and lots of UI and Program changes

- Skin support

- Online Updater

- english & german language support (almost done..)



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